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Can't get custom fields values in a serverless app


I'm making a custom serverless app for Freshdesk. It's supposed to process new ticket using "onTicketCreate" event, and then do certain things based on the value of a certain custom field. However, the app refused to work correctly, and when I looked at the logs, I noticed two issues:

1) Every custom field has a weird appendix - six numbers preceded by an underscore, so, for example, the field "cf_company" becomes "cf_company_176796";

2) The only custom fields that have values are dropdowns, checkboxes and other fields with predetermined values, but the regular text fields are empty, despite me definitely putting data in them when creating a ticket.

This is the ticket when viewed from Freshdesk's interface (both "VIN" and "Car glass position" fields clearly have values assigned to them)


And here's logged data that I got from "onTicketCreate" event ("Car glass" field has the correct value, but "VIN" field appears empty)


Am I doing something wrong, or is this a problem on your side?

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Hi Vladislav,

The custom fields in the onTicketCreate event are not yet officially supported & hence they are excluded from the payload documentation. You should be able to reliably access the rest of the fields in the event payload as stated in the documentation.



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