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Workflow Enhancements - Sequentially Create Tasks

Use Case: Rather than creating all tasks at once, have the ability to create tasks sequentially. Once task 1 has been marked as completed, then create task 2, etc.

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Hi Leigh,

Thank you so much for your feedback. Could you please elaborate on your use-case a little? What tasks would you like to create sequentially? Does this sequence of tasks depend on the category of Service Request / Incident?

Thank you.



Product @ Freshservice

Hi Sundar,

Thanks for the message,

Correct, it would depend on a Service Request that is raised. 

Use Case: If we are on-boarding a new employee, there's tasks that need to be completed before the request can progress. 

Two example tasks:

Setup employee in HRIS (Assigned to HR team)

Setup application access (Assigned to IT team)

Once the employee is setup and the task is marked as complete, the second task is then created or can be completed/closed.

Perhaps a better approach would be to have task dependencies. So task 2 can't be closed until task 1 has been completed. If taking this approach, the assignee of task 2 would then need to be notified that the dependant task has now been completed and they can action task 2.

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Hi Leigh,

Thank you so much for elaborating. We are considering bringing Task dependencies for Tickets and that could address your ask. It's still early days with this enhancement. I'll share more about it as we make progress. I'll be happy to reach out to you for feedback.

Thanks again.



Product @ Freshservice

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