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Fulfil Requested Items directly from the Service Request

We are working on simplifying how agents fulfil service requests in Freshservice. 

When an Agent is fulfilling a request for a hardware asset such as a Laptop or a Monitor, we'll indicate if the requested item is available in the inventory right next to the requested item. The Agent can then pick an item from the In Stock list and assign it to the user right from within the service request.

What's more, if the requested item is a consumable asset, we'll reduce the available quantity based on the quantity being delivered to the user.

Here's a sneak peek into the feature. 

Check if an Item is available IN STOCK right on the Requested Item Page

Pick an item from the Inventory right from the Service Request page

For Consumables, the provisioned quantity will be deducted from the available quantity automatically

This feature will go into dev shortly.

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Hi Sid

Love the work you guys are doing to bring cool new functionality to Freshservice.

Would also love to see some easy quick wins for things that are daily frustrations.  Most of these have been previously reported:

  1. Being able to click from an asset to the assigned requester.
  2. Being able to click on a department member to bring up their requester page.
  3. Being able to directly create a ticket for a requester from the requester's page.  Same for an asset.
  4. When you assign an asset to a ticket you are creating, having the list of assets automatically filter to initially show the requester's assigned assets.
  5. Being able to assign a ticket to yourself and reply to it straightaway without having to do a browser refresh to get your name into the reply signature.
  6. Being able to reset the Requester Responded alert on a ticket when there's nothing more to say, or when the requester keeps responding when you ask them not to.
  7. For Workflow Automator, being able to re-order actions without having to delete them all and re-add them in the desired order.
  8. For loan requests, sending email notifications to requesters and agents that an item is due back, and not allowing a item to be booked again if it hasn't been returned.
  9. For Team Huddle, sending notifications to agents that they have a reply, without them having to sit in the ticket or for them to be @ mentioned.  We don't use it any more because it isn't fully-baked.
  10. For Requesters API v2.0, adding an active/disabled status attribute and query filter.  The API currently returns all requesters -- active and deleted -- and doesn't let you know what status they are.
  11. For Software Asset Management, preventing deleted computers which are now in Trash from showing as having installed software.  This incorrectly inflates the software installation counts.

Sorry for the big dump, but there's a lot of them and they've been sitting around unaddressed for a while.

Any plans for these?

Thanks and regards

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Nice list, I would like to add to #11, why not give us the ability to completely delete the software that we don't want to see in the list anymore?

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+1 - Yes to all of the above

When can we expect this enhancement to be introduced?

@Manuel, we are targeting early August for these enhancements. 

@Simon, thanks for taking the time to list down all the quick wins :D Apologies for the delay in responding. I'll respond in your other thread with our plans to address the items in your list.



Thanks Sid.



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