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Fulfil Requested Items directly from the Service Request

We are working on simplifying how agents fulfil service requests in Freshservice. 

When an Agent is fulfilling a request for a hardware asset such as a Laptop or a Monitor, we'll indicate if the requested item is available in the inventory right next to the requested item. The Agent can then pick an item from the In Stock list and assign it to the user right from within the service request.

What's more, if the requested item is a consumable asset, we'll reduce the available quantity based on the quantity being delivered to the user.

Here's a sneak peek into the feature. 

Check if an Item is available IN STOCK right on the Requested Item Page

Pick an item from the Inventory right from the Service Request page

For Consumables, the provisioned quantity will be deducted from the available quantity automatically

This feature will go into dev shortly.

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Nice list, I would like to add to #11, why not give us the ability to completely delete the software that we don't want to see in the list anymore?

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+1 - Yes to all of the above

When can we expect this enhancement to be introduced?

@Manuel, we are targeting early August for these enhancements. 

@Simon, thanks for taking the time to list down all the quick wins :D Apologies for the delay in responding. I'll respond in your other thread with our plans to address the items in your list.



Hello Sid

If there is any beta, we would be glad to test on our instances




Is all of this going to be new or is the consumables already a feature that is available?
Right now i added these as asset types but its not working the way i want because its easy to forget to update the amounts. 

this feature would be great, but if i could already add my consumables somewhere which would be used by this update, i would love to know about it. 

If there is any beta, we would be glad to test on our instance (


There's a default asset type called "Consumable" where you can just add the assets you want to track as consumables. Each asset will then have a Quantity field which can be used to track the current available quantity of each of these consumable assets. 

Once you have these consumable assets, this feature will just allow you to pick a quantity from each consumable asset. Once the quantity is selected, the available quantity will be automatically updated. You won't have to update the quantity manually anymore. 

Hope this helps.

Folks, this feature is now available for all customers.  You'll find more details on how you can configure and fulfill service requests here

Do give this a go. Looking forward to your feedback!

Is there anyway to view the consumables that we have given out to users? Example, if I keep a "Mouse" as a consumable, and we get service request and fulfill, currently if I go to the users page I cannot see any consumables that we assigned to that employee, only assets and software. Although we do not expect for things like mice to be returned, it still happens and we would like a way to track which consumable items have been given out to which employees so we know what to recover upon termination or to check back into stock if they return an item.

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Ditto to Ryan's request.  The request fulfillment workflow for consumables is great, but it would be helpful to be able to see these assigned items on a user's profile page.  It helps with off-boarding but would also give us a quick look at anyone who is requesting too many items.

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