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Closure Rules for Tickets

A service desk admin/manager should be able to define rules for ticket resolution and closure based on their operational process of ticket handling lifecycle. 

Setting up of business rules for ticket resolution/closure is important because - 

  1. The service desk solution should operationalize the business process followed in the organization

  2. Remove any manual errors or miss outs during ticket resolution/closure

As a part of closure rules, a servicedesk agent should not be able to resolve or close a ticket 

  1. prior to adding a time entry.

  2. without closing all the associated tasks.

  3. prior to resolving/closing all the associated child tickets.

Quick snapshot below -

The closure rules will also work for the Android and iOS apps for Freshservice. Screenshots below-

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Instead of a note, it would be nice to have a button to add a resolution which works the same as a note but is identified by the system as separate from a note. 
This way you could create the rule that before a ticket can be closed - the "resolution note" needs to be used. 
We already use regular notes a lot so would be nice is this would be identifies as something different. 

This would be mainly for Incidents
And for SR's you could do something similar but perhaps name it differently since its not a resolution but actions performed to complete the task. 

Also it would be nice if there was a more solid way to setup the automations for ticket statuses. 
at the moment we use the workflow automation, but it has some limitations which cause some tickets to be overlooked. 

If there is any beta, we would be glad to test on our instance

aeroground.freshservice.com (servicedesk.aeroground.de)

Would the rules include the ability to enforce agents to reply to the customer before closure?

also tags, allow us to choose what must be there for closure, I need techs to make sure they are tagging

If there is a beta release of this we would like to be included

Can there be an "Any of the following" option, so you select one or more and at least one must be done (a reply/forward/note/tag)

Hi @Sudipta, any ETA on this? Thanks.



Just got this in my portal, basically useless for us, I need to be able to set any ticket field as required for closure not just the limited set you have published..

@George Welsted - you can do this through the Forms Fields section.

Issue with this new feature is not everyone wants to micro manage time of agents.  We are not an MSP and dont charge customers for time spent.  What we do want though is to ensure a closure note is added through the form of a note before a ticket is resolved or closed. Unfortunately this doesnt exist outside of writing my own custom app which ive tried but failed at.

@Dave.parkinson you are almost correct, but the field I need to ensure are filled out are not on the ticket form.. like tags.. I want to make sure the ticket has at least 1 tag before it is able to be closed.

The feature is LIVE!! :)

Check out this article to enable closure rules for your service desk!

Within closure rules, please update the conditions so that a ticket that was generated through a Service Request which contains "Requested Items" (child Service Requests) cannot be closed/resolved until those Requested Items have all been marked as Delivered, Cancelled or Fulfilled.  Currently, there is no check against that and the only way around it is to choose to have those dependencies created as separate child tickets.   This works but generates a lot of additional tickets so it clutters up the ticket view.  If there was a Closure Rule that checked against these "Requested Items" then they wouldn't necessarily need to be created as child tickets and everything could be contained within the single, primary ticket.  This is much cleaner since you can individually update the status of those items within that ticket.  It's also easier to simply update the status on those Requested Items within the primary ticket than it is to go through the process of having to close them all out when created as child tickets.


These rules are very clear. Everyone should follow.

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