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Custom sources for tickets

With this enhancement, agents can create new ticket source values and also choose to enable/ disable the sources that are not used. Currently when a ticket is created from the agent portal, the source is set as phone by default. This enhancement allows agents to set their source of choice during ticket creation itself.

All these configurations can be done under Admin >  Form fields section.

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@All - This enhancement is scheduled for release before end of October.

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This feature is now live ! 

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It's great to now be able to add custom sources upon manual ticket creation but this only account for a small fraction of how we handle tickets.I still cannot specify in the Workflow and therefore still have to rely on the webhook. Additionally, it's not possible to specify in Scheduled tickets.

This feels like you have only completed half the job. Please add to these additional areas.

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Thanks for your feedback Melvin. I completely understand your pain point of not being able to automatically set the source field of the tickets via workflow automator / scheduler. However the scope of this enhancement was to introduce the ability to add new ticket sources in the existing areas of the app where it was already being used. I'll make a note of your requirement and consider taking it up as a part of workflow automator enhancements.

@Naganandhini  can you also make the note for scheduler - per Melvins comments this is also an issue

I like @Melvin O'Neill comments as well, I agree that fields should be consistent across the app. The fact that they aren't just leads to confusion.

@Kevin @Melvin - We have solved for your need to include setting "Source" as one of the workflow actions. Your need to include it in scheduler totally makes sense. I have made a note of it and will consider picking up the same.

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