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Custom sources for tickets

With this enhancement, agents can create new ticket source values and also choose to enable/ disable the sources that are not used. Currently when a ticket is created from the agent portal, the source is set as phone by default. This enhancement allows agents to set their source of choice during ticket creation itself.

All these configurations can be done under Admin >  Form fields section.

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Long overdue :)

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Great news!!

When is this expected to Go live?

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Hi Naganandhini, any progress on this front? Thanks!



Also really looking forward to this for better metric insights. We offer many external sources for ticket creation and we'd like to better separate these for our analytics. +1 on wondering about the ETA

In addition to having custom sources, I am looking forward to being able to select the Source during ticket creation. Unless I am missing something this is currently not possible. The default is Phone and that's definitely not always the case. In the case where it is an Agent creating a ticket for another Agent, Agents then have to go through an extra step to change the source to Portal. Since this is an extra step, it is often forgotten. This throws off our metrics of how many calls come in via Phone vs the Portal, which is an important one. So hopefully we can make the Source a mandatory selection for Agents during ticket creation.

@JasonDouglas we were annoyed by this too, our solution was to create a workflow to trigger off a webhook and switch it to portal since we don't use the phone source for anything.

1) Ticket is raised
2) Source is phone
3) Webhook:



  "helpdesk_ticket": {
    "source": 2

Hope that helps to take the manual effort out of it!

do i missunderstand this topic? we does not have the "Source"-Field....

@Jason Douglas @Marek L  - This enhancement allows you to select a source of your choice while creating a new ticket from agent portal. I hope this solves your pain point.

any updates??

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News about this ?

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+1 on wondering an ETA here. This feature is something our team has been requesting for a while now and would be a welcome change!

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New customer here, also looking forward to this feature.

If there is any beta, we would be glad to test on our instance (

Any update on this feature. Would be good to get implemented ASAP.

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