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Support for SAML Attribute Storage in Custom User Fields

SAML authentication sends various user attributes from the identity management provider as a part of the login payload to Freshservice. Until now, these user attributes could only be stored in the default user fields in Freshservice (Name, Job Title, etc.). We're now adding support to store these user attributes in a user's custom fields as well.

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This would be fantastic. We utilize Okta as our SSO provider and currently have the Effy app setup to map default attributes as they change. Having other attributes within our source (AD) be mapped over to Freshservice would be very helpful beyond the basics.

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Sounds great! We have the following problem: we would like to fill the field Reporting Manager via SAML (Azure), but can't. Will it be possible with Custom User Fields?

This feature is now available. More information is available at Refer to the last row of the table under "User Attributes recognized by Freshservice".


We already support the Reporting Manager field. You need to pass it into Freshservice as "reportingManager". More information is available at

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