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Issues with the Editor in Freshdesk

Does anyone else have this issue with the editor in Freshdesk? When creating an ordered or unordered list the points / numbers appear twice and they have to be removed manually for each line.

Also, we're having issues with highlighting text and deleting blank lines.

I attached a GIF of the issue with the list as this is the most irritating issue... We also checked different browsers but it seems that the problems are the same throughout the browsers.

Does anyone have similar issues and knows how to resolve them?


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I have a slew of issues with the text editor - have never seen this one, but there are soo, sooo many.

  • Delete button doesn't work to remove next line
  • Backspace sometimes deletes extra space if finishing deleting start of word
  • Spacing on entering canned response not always consistent - sometimes there will be extra line break after entered response while other times there won't be
  • Using shortcut for canned responses(/c) can cause ridiculous issues where text gets overwritten, lines go black, etc... Don't even get me started.
They'll explain it away as "cache issues" though it's poor code and terrible design from Freshdesk. Not much that you can do to fix anything that isn't "replicable" especially when agents don't care much to actually try and replicate it.

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All three technical writers on our team are currently having problems editing using the Code View. In fact, we can't do anything using the Code View. Attached is a video of our issue.


Code view not working for me either, completely useless! Does anyone know how to find help or find out if Freshdesk is even dealing with it?

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