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Release Notes - 10 May 2019


  • Tickets: Introducing few UX changes to the tickets list page

          - Now bulk actions buttons will only appear on selection of at least one ticket.


- Requester details will be displayed on hovering over the requester name.


- Now users can only view the priority of the ticket to the right of the ticket description.

  • Workflow Automator: Now users can include the custom fields of a service item as placeholders in automation rules while configuring the web hook payload, email content, task subject and description.

  • Requesters: Forgetting a user, deletes service requests in which the user was marked as “Requested For” (in addition to the tickets in which they were marked as the requester)

  • Service Catalog: Now agents can reorder child tickets of bundles in a service item and display it accordingly to their requesters.


  • Form Fields: Previously there was an error while changing a two level dependant field into a  three level dependant field within form fields. This is now fixed.

  • Requesters: Users were unable to click the ticket link when navigated to the associated tickets tab of a requester. This is now fixed.


"- Now users can only view the priority of the ticket to the right of the ticket description."

What was the reasoning behind this?  I think it was good to have the priority color on the left edge because that is where your eyes are as you are scanning down the list of your tickets, and you want to see the higher priority tickets.  Having the small color icon on the right side not only forces you to scan from one side to the other, but the small icon is not eye-catching at all and makes it harder to quickly see high-priority tickets.  I don't understand why the color on the edge was removed.

How would we import our users photo's that way? We have them in our O365 and SSO setup

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Hi Adrian,

Thank you for your feedback.

As an internal design initiative, we are looking to make our product more accessible, catering to users who are differently-abled such as those having vision problem, partially blind, colour blind users. We needed to comply with WCAG 2.1 guidelines (Guideline 1.4 - Distinguishable, Success criteria 1.4.1 - Use of colour). According to the specifications, any information presented through the use of colour should also be conveyed in text or other programmatically distinguishable method. This is the reason we removed the priority colour from the left edge and moved it alongside priority text.

Hi Kevin, today, we don't have a way to bulk import users photos. Requesters will have to upload their photos from their profile section.



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