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Placeholders in Workflow Conditions

for an automated Responce to Service Requests, we would like to use Placeholders in the Workflow Conditions. Actually, i think that this is not possible

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Hey Johannes, can you please elaborate on this use case? I'm assuming you want to be able to use placeholders such as Ticket Fields and Requester details on both sides of a conditional operator..correct me if i'm wrong.

we would like to use the placeholders like this:

if XXXX = [PLACEHOLDER] than send mail to YYYYYY

Got it. Basically you want to be able to use placeholders in the RHS of a condition or an action. You're right, this isn't possible today. Can you elaborate on the specific use case please?

we get mails, which containing the customer name in the subject or in the mailtext, so we need to send a mail to the customer if the name was found

but he is not the sender of the mail

here is another usecase. we wont to put in the "event performing agent" into the "send mail to"-action like this

"[Event-performing-agent] set the status to [status].

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