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Support for 24-Hour Time Format

The time format can be selected as 12-hour or 24-hour, both at the account-level (Helpdesk Rebranding) and the user-level (Profile Settings). This will affect entry and display of time throughout Freshservice.

Account-Level Setting in Helpdesk Rebranding

User-Level Setting in Profile Settings

Time Entry

Time Display

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Looks good, but I do not have this option?

Hey Johan,

This feature is still in development. It should be available soon.

Hey Mithun,

Roshan sent me a mail: This is to keep you informed that we have incorporated the 24 hour format on your instance.

So now I am confused.

If possible please activate it on our instance too.

Hey Johan,

I apologize for the confusion. This feature is still under development. I'll post here once it is available.

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