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Support for 24-Hour Time Format

The time format can be selected as 12-hour or 24-hour, both at the account-level (Helpdesk Rebranding) and the user-level (Profile Settings). This will affect entry and display of time throughout Freshservice.

Account-Level Setting in Helpdesk Rebranding

User-Level Setting in Profile Settings

Time Entry

Time Display

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Looks good, but I do not have this option?

Hey Johan,

This feature is still in development. It should be available soon.

Hey Mithun,

Roshan sent me a mail: This is to keep you informed that we have incorporated the 24 hour format on your instance.

So now I am confused.

If possible please activate it on our instance too.

Hey Johan,

I apologize for the confusion. This feature is still under development. I'll post here once it is available.

It seems it is implemented in our instance. Thanks.


It's working here also. Why isn't this announced?

But thanks anyway.

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This feature is now available. You should see your time format of choice being used in most of the Freshservice Web and Mobile UI.

Work on implementing the 24 hour time format is in progress in the following areas, and we'll be rolling this change out in these areas soon:

  • Business Hours
  • Import/Export Agents/Requesters (Importing and Exporting the Time Format setting for each user)
  • Reporting and Analytics
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