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Scope to Group: General

Thought i'd put this all in one  request. Would like to see the ability across the platform to scope more things to groups. examples:

- Surveys
- Side bar apps in ticket view
- Analytic reports

Just to name a few. Basically, the ability to better customize agent experience by group. 

For example, we build a Jamf Asset sidebar app for our IT team. They are the only ones that need to see that app in a ticket, but ALL groups see it (our legal team, travel, facilities, security etc.... all teams on the platform see it and they dont need to)


- Analytics: we have some teams that are power users of this section and it makes for a cluttered space for all agents groups. 

- Scope service items to an Agent group: all the time we make new service items and want to either test it live on the service portal and/or demo it to the agents that it is for, all without fully publishing. The hack we use right now is a requester group , but that still shows for ALL agents on the platform and ALL admins. Ability to scope to agent group would allow us to test before publishing live in the portal for a real world experience AND demo items to stakeholder agents. 

The list goes on. I think the ability cross platform to scope to agents groups on features is a huge win for freshservice. 

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