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New Dashboard opens a new tab

With the new dashboard update, every time I open something from my dashboard a new tab opens.

This is pretty annoying resulting in a lot of memory taken by Chrome or another internet browser.

At the end of the day, I have like 20 new tabs from Freshservice open.

Can this be changed like it was before?

I get a lot of complaints from my colleagues.

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Hi Elbert,

Thank you so much for your feedback. 

This behavior is by design. Since, the new dashboard is used to keep track of agents (and team's) work items and helpdesk activity, agents will need to frequently visit the dashboard. By opening the links on the dashboard in new tab, we prevent the need for agents to re-navigate to this page every time.

That said, I understand your concern and I see why it could be annoying. I'll take this in as an enhancement request. Not a lot of customers, however, have raised this request so far. If more customers seek this change in behavior, we'll look to introduce it.

Thanks again for reaching out.



Product @ Freshservice

This needs to be changed fast, we pay a lot for Fresh service.

And it's pretty annoying, I have tried to work with it, but so many tabs open.

When I read a ticket and click on the top left icon to go back to the dashboard and click something else in the dashboard a new tab opens.

Is it possible to go back to how it was?

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