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Introducing Employee Onboarding

We are excited to launch our Employee Onboarding feature, that seamlessly allows the IT teams to collaborate efficiently with the HR teams, reporting managers and efficiently onboard new employees. This helps them maximize their potential, and achieve a healthy productivity rate right from the get-go. 

This feature is not available for MSP customers.

Why did we build Employee Onboarding?

  • Better collaboration among stakeholders
  • Efficient status tracking
  • Inclusivity & better management
  • Improve employee satisfaction

In this video get a glimpse on how collaboration works seamlessly in Employee Onboarding! 

Also, get insights on how the feature works and get a peek into why we built it.

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We should also have the ability to edit the Onboarding Page under Portal Pages

Can we also add this as an option under the Service Catalog? I think it would be better placed there for our users.

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Is there a way to customize the emails that are sent out via this module?

Also, why are the emails being sent out not as if coming from one of our own internally defined email addresses? The way fresh service is sending out these emails appears to be different than other notifications from the system. It is playing havoc on our email spoofing protection services where the notifications to the reporting manager are being rejected by our email systems. We have policies in place to allow Fresh Service emails through using the defined channels but these emails are not respecting those settings thus are being blocked by our email protection systems

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I agree with Michael Pope. We should be able to Customize The Page like the other portal pages, we should be able to open it to more groups, we should be able to customize the email sent and it should be sent by our own email and not another. 

I May be missing something and apologises if already mentioned but has this been rolled out to all customers and I've cannot seem to new module mentioned in the information

Could some share some light. 

Thanks in Advance

@Lyle Smith - Try this

It might not be part of your plan?

Also, if you have Breezy Themes, they recently had to make an update to their UI to accommodate for this. You might have to reach out to them for the update.

Thanks, Kevin and Michael, We do have an Estate plan, however using the link you suggested it states we don't have the required plan for this feature. 

INFO from support>>>

If the MSP (Multi Support Portal) mode is enabled in your account, then the employee onboarding feature won't be enabled. This is because requesters of one account can see employees of other MSP clients, which is a security issue. 

Also in article of this feature is note: 

Note: The feature is currently available only for Estate and Forest plan. Also, the feature is not yet available for MSP customers.

They received lot of requests to enable it also for MSP, so they will plan to add it to roadmap. ETA is unknow.



We are having the same issue as Michael Pope where the emails are either being blocked or instantly sent to Spam. The only workaround is to mark every email sent to a manager, through this onboarding form, as not spam which is very inconvenient and would take a very long time.

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I'd like to ability to HIDE service catalog items but for them to show up for the on-boarding module. Is that possible? I like to use them as "tasks".

Also, would love these features

Both IT and HR should have access to the On-boarding module

Should be able to hide fields like e-mail ID, etc.

Disable the employee portion overall so its just HR/IT and Reporting Manager.

Off-boarding module should be added too

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Is there not an option for a custom field, or just some Title and subheading fields? We have some information that we like to pass along with things like choosing a cell phone for new employees which we would like to have a short paragraph description about the company phone policies, or a link to the company phone policies. 

In addition some of our software requires an employee or reporting manager to fill out an additional access request form that goes through approvals in Docusign, and is then sent to our Freshservice and a ticket auto generated. We would like the ability to put that link in the freshservice screen the reporting manager would fill out, so they can also start that process. 

@Mary George Mol, You are off to a good start but there are a few things that need to happen before we start using this system.

  1. Attachments for Service Requests. If a service request allows an attachment the onboarding form does not allow a new employee to upload the document. 
  2. Testing needs to be allowed, also what happens if the Hiring Manager is someone in IT. Are you assuming that IT cannot hire people?
  3. Customization of the outgoing email, allowing for placeholders
  4. Customizing the workflow to emal the new hire only after the supervisor has completed his portion.

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This needs to be added to MSP mode.

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Can you give us feedback on update ?
the possibilité of modifying the Email to manager or a transation ? we cannot do the test in this ...

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