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Asset List Page - Usability Improvements

We are introducing a few changes to the Asset List page to make working with the asset list easier. 

Here's a list of all the changes coming up:

  • The filters will always be open moving forward (similar to the Tickets list page) on the right side pane. Agents can quickly filter assets by department, location, used by or any other asset type specific field
  • The saved views will be listed on the left top similar to how it is in Tickets now
  • Any view, filters or column configuration that is selected will be persisted for every agent. I.e, if you filter the list by Location and Asset State and navigate to some other page in Freshservice and return back to the Asset list, we'll remember the filters you had set the last time. (Now the list defaults back to the All Assets list whenever the agent refreshes the page or navigates away from the list page and goes back).

We hope you'll like these upcoming changes. You'll start seeing these changes in the next 3-4 week timeframe. 

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Any chance of the ability to export the filtered assets?  This would be HUGE for us.

The only option now is to export assets by type without filtering.  In our case, if we want a spreadsheet of the laptops at one of our 36 locations, we need to export all 41,000 laptops (which includes retired assets) then filter them.  Reports do not work in our case as some of our custom fields cannot be added.

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This is a deal breaker for us if this is not on a Roadmap

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