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Live chat on portal

I would like to add a live chat option to my freshservice portal. Any ideas?

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Freshworks offers a chat solution called Freshchat that includes a simple Freshservice integration to convert chat conversations into tickets.

Yes but I want to integrate the chat in the freshservice portal page

Freshchat allows you to embed a chat support widget in the bottom right hand side of basically any webpage you own, including the portal. It looks exactly like what you're seeing in the bottom right of the page you're on now.

I see no where in my freshservice admin section to do this. Maybe I have to be on a higher tier lever to make that happen.

This requires modifying the HTML documents that run your customer portal. I'm able to modify those by going to:

Admin -> Helpdesk Rebranding -> Customize portal -> Layout & pages

Then by pasting the source code snippets in the correct place per this documentation in your Freshchat instance:

Settings -> Web Messenger

yea I don't have that option. It must only be available in a higher price tier.

Do you know where I need to past the source code into the portal i can't see a body element in any of the html

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