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Tabular view for Tickets

Introducing table structured UI for tickets that will let agents consume important details about the ticket in a more efficient manner. 

With this enhancement, agents will be able to customise columns on the table - pick and choose what information is relevant and have them displayed in one single view. All fields on the ticket form (excluding the paragraph text fields) will be available for configuration on the table. The enhancement will include inline edit support for the following fields - Priority, Agent, Status and Group.

All the existing functionalities such as filtering and sorting, and creation of views will be supported in the new table UI as well.

Here's a preview of the update -

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Hello, how can I kow? and how can i change between MSP mode and Service Desk mode?

And why you don't implement in all modes?

Hi Sundar,

We mapped "Location" to the "City" field when importing requesters. Is it possible to show a requester field as column? Is not a ticket field.

Why is the ticket number not its own column? Why is it still part of the Subject???

Hello Hani,

Department and Company are the same fields. In MSP Mode, this column tracks different departments internal to the organisation, but in MSP mode this column tracks external companies that your organisation supports (in MSP Mode). If you are an MSP providing IT support to external customers, we recommend that you switch your Freshservice account to MSP Mode. You can do so from the account settings page. More info here -

Hi Jannick,

Requester fields are not currently available for selection in the Tickets Table view. However, I understand your need here. Will add this request to our backlog.

Hi Nick,

Ticket number and Subject are combined into a single column for optimal use of real estate as both fields primarily solve the same purpose - help identify a Ticket. But curious, could you help us understand why you would require it as a separate column?

Appreciate your feedback.



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