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Tabular view for Tickets

Introducing table structured UI for tickets that will let agents consume important details about the ticket in a more efficient manner. 

With this enhancement, agents will be able to customise columns on the table - pick and choose what information is relevant and have them displayed in one single view. All fields on the ticket form (excluding the paragraph text fields) will be available for configuration on the table. The enhancement will include inline edit support for the following fields - Priority, Agent, Status and Group.

All the existing functionalities such as filtering and sorting, and creation of views will be supported in the new table UI as well.

Here's a preview of the update -

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@Sundararajan - Still on track for August? We'll be going live with Freshservice at the end of August and this feature has been an area of contention for those agents in our company who have been testing FS prior to go-live.

If there is any beta, we would be glad to test on our instance (

Hey folks,

Quick update - Tabular UI should be out sometime next week. 

@AE IT-Management, Thank you for the information. I'll make sure we enable it for your account for early access, if we go Beta route.

Thank you.



Product @ Freshservice

Please enable Tabular view for my account


Hi all,

Quick update - Tabular UI for Tickets should be out early next week. We are finishing up on a few final items. If you'd like to have early access this week, please comment on this thread. I shall take the request to my team.


Noted. Thank you for your interest in this feature.



Product @ Freshservice

I would like to have early access

Sure, Hani. I've noted it down. 

Thank you.

We'd love to have this enabled.

Hi - would be great for us to have early access to this - thanks!

Interested in getting this feature this week.

Please add my organization to the beta group. 

Please add our instance for early access.

It is working, thank you guys

Indeed it is working too on our instance. Great.

We work in MSP mode. In this mode we are really missing the "Company" field in the table view. It is not selectable. Please add that field too.

Thank you folks. 

"Company" field will be available for selection by the end of this month. I'll post again on this thread when it is.



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