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Tabular view for Tickets

Introducing table structured UI for tickets that will let agents consume important details about the ticket in a more efficient manner. 

With this enhancement, agents will be able to customise columns on the table - pick and choose what information is relevant and have them displayed in one single view. All fields on the ticket form (excluding the paragraph text fields) will be available for configuration on the table. The enhancement will include inline edit support for the following fields - Priority, Agent, Status and Group.

All the existing functionalities such as filtering and sorting, and creation of views will be supported in the new table UI as well.

Here's a preview of the update -

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This is sooooo overdue, being able to see which company a user belongs to at a glance, this may actually keep us with FreshService (assuming that this doesn't take a year from now to roll out of course which tends to be the trend). 

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I should add that as excited as I am about being able to see the company, I far prefer the current layou where Agent, Status, Priority are stacked in a single column. Having everything forced to it's own column will result in a lot of horizontal scrolling and ticket title wrapping of text, not ideal. I would make Agent/Status/Priority all part of one column and required to ensure critical data always displayed and yet doesn't take up 1/3 of the screen.

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Can't wait. Any timeline for when this will be available? 

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Agreed with Phill, the Agent, Status and Priority need to be stacked, reduce the wasted white space and ensure we are seeing what is needed without scrolling. I don't want to move from seeing what we already see on one page to having to scroll across.

How about an option to select a smaller text size and row height for those who wish to have a more condensed view?

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Can't wait to see this! I do like the current view, but having the option to see this would be great.

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Looks great. We just migrated to FS and this is somethign we miss from the old system.

Is this not already in progress phase or has this not been started yet?

Hi Anne-Laure,

This is currently under development. This should be out in July.



Product @ Freshservice

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Will this view (or similar) be also available for requesters (regular users not agents)?

We are having a lot of requests from requesters (regular users not agents) to be able to do enhanced lookups and searches of tickets other than those offered by default by tool, and a view like this one will definitely benefit them big time in closing this gap.

Hope this view will be available too all users not only agents.




I wonder if we could add approval status in the table with this enhancement. It will be great to easily vizualise if a request has been approved or not in the the ticket list view.


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Any updates about this?

Hi Armando,

We're bringing this view for agents in the first cut. Just curious, is there a particular reason why end users would need to look up historical ticket data, particularly through filtering and searching?

Hi Thomas,

Approval status of a ticket would certainly be a good addition. While this isn't something we've planned for the immediate future, here's a workaround that could help you. The new table view will support custom fields. You could make use of a custom field to keep track of approval status (populating that field via automations upon approvals). Let me know if this works for you.

Hi Hani,

We got slightly delayed. The enhancements should be out in a month's time.



Product @ Freshservice

great update - look forward to this one.

Assume this is related to the unannounced update for us to be able to assign to groups as well as agents in the ticket view screen?

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That's right, Sam! You'll be able to to assign to groups as well as agents in the Tabular UI. To make this experience consistent, we rolled this update out to the existing view as well.

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