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Allow Ability to Re-order Ticket Properties Input Fields

Why this even has to be requested is beyond me. Need the ability to re-order the fields inside a ticket or have then permanently rearranged in more logical order. It makes no sense the the department field (which belongs to the requestor) is imbedded down in the middle between agent and category. Ticketing systems should have a logical flow of information. Category needs to be further up above Group so any Agent can quickly see the issue and route accordingly. Scrolling through the ticket propeties to find the information is a waste of valuable time. Giving the ability to modify order in the form then ignore that order in ticket properties is not logical. At least move Department (non deletable shared field) up with the requestor and the category above group. In the big scheme of things I dont care about department so not sure why Freshservice sees fit to force it on us.



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Please make the fields in the properties area more flexible in terms of arrangement and also visibility dependend on which user works a ticket.

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