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Alert Management

We understand IT teams are responsible for keeping applications and services up and running for their business users and this involves continuous monitoring of IT infrastructure. Different teams use different monitoring tools (there's a plethora of them!) to monitor their organization's infrastructure. Typically, IT teams will set up configuration rules in these tools to send out alerts when a threshold is breached (ex. CPU utilization of a server crosses 80%). These alerts are actionable and we want to enable IT teams to channels these alerts to Freshservice, wherein the team can triage, respond and resolve any issue triggering these alerts.

The benefits that IT teams can expect out of this: 

1. Reduce noise - Group similar alerts from the same server together under a single work item(incident). 

2. Full context of the issue from a single view - Freshservice will automatically associate the asset to the incident so that the agent can get the whole context from one view. 

3. Automatic Routing and prioritization - Set up rules based on which the tickets created through these alerts will be prioritized correctly and routed to the right agent groups. 

4. Auto closure of tickets - The ticket will be automatically resolved based on the status of the latest alert for that ticket. ex. If an alert was triggered due to a sudden spike, a new ticket is created and then the utilization might go back to normal, in this case this ticket will be auto-closed by Freshservice. 

Below: a ticket created through an alert. You can also see the recent alerts grouped together under the same ticket.

PS: this is  version 1 and we will continue to build on top of this. 

If you are interested to know more, please feel free to comment below and I will reach out to you. 



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Is generating Alerts from Email not enabled yet in the beta?

Hey guys!

We've started providing Beta access to our Alert Management module. You can try out the beta for free till April 15, 2020.

Also, we will be incrementally adding features during beta that will include, 

  • alert through email
  • permissions
  • reports
  • advanced alert rules
  • advanced correlation rules and more.

You can request for Beta access from here

More details on how to set up Alert Management in Freshservice can be found here.

We are interested in Alert management. Is it still possible to get beta access? See: "You can try out the beta for free till April 15, 2020."

When are you planning on having the Alert through Email implemented? 

We are also very interested. When are you planning to implement?

Hello Joseph,

Thanks for providing this information.

Could you please tell us where i can go and explore event management in fresh service tool or if there is any specific window for event management 



Hey all, we run CheckMK for monitoring and Event Management. I have been doing some testing around creating Incidents and Service Requests via email. Using Email commands coupled with Workflow and naming your assets properly seems to be working very well. Then, based on ITIL standards some examples I tried:

1) When CheckMK hits a disk threshold that has not affected service - an email is sent and a SR is created in FS and the associated asset is attached to the ticket

2) When CheckMK can't get to a critical - an email is sent and a Incident is created in FS and the associated asset is attached to the ticket

Seems to work really well.



Thanks for taking time to try AMS beta and sending us your feedback. We have been working on it and it has tremendously helped us improve our beta version.

The previous set up required you to restructure the format in which alerts were sent to Freshservice. In the new version, instead of having to reformat the alerts in your monitoring tools, you can now send it in its default structure. We seamlessly enable you to map the incoming alert fields to Freshservice alert fields to create easily understandable and aggregated alert records. More about this here.

Also, through this we have opened the gates to integrate with most of the popular cloud infra, APM and NPM monitoring tools out there. 

We are adding configurations for most of the popular monitoring tools to simplify the integration set up for you.

It will help us to add more integrations if you can share the details of the monitoring tools that you use by filling this form -

Note: Existing beta customers will be able to see the new version reflecting on your accounts. Those who want to try the new AMS beta can also enrol using the above link.

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