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Intune Integration

The Freshservice - Intune Integration will allow you to sync all managed devices (computers, mobile devices) from Intune to Freshservice Asset Management. 

Critical device information from Intune can also be viewed in real time within the Asset view page. You can also trigger actions such as Lock, Wipe, Shutdown and Restart from the device view page in Freshservice instead of having to switch to Intune.

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Any feedback?

Hi, Just installed the intune integration. I have a total of 2577 devices in intune. The Freshservice app says 9020 devices (7408 computers and 1612 mobiles). 
Is it possible to see a log of which devices freshservice discovers? Is it possible to only get the computer asset from intune?

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The ability the limit which devices it pulls in based on group or type (i.e., corporate-owned) would be really useful

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Hello Folks, 

We've rolled out an update to the Intune integration to support updating Used By of a device from Intune. Here's how you can get this to work. 

  1. You'll notice that the Intune App has an icon for updating the app in the app list (Admin -> Apps). Click on the update icon.
  2. Check the account credentials and click Verify in the Account Configuration page.
  3. You'll now be taken to the Field Mapping screen. Please map the Used By field to the emailAddress (or any other valid email field from Intune). You'll have to do this separately for both Computer and Mobile device types. 
  4. Once you have set this up, Save the field mapping and click Update

Once you have mapped the Used By Field, if the device in Intune has a user mapped to it, the device will be assigned to the same user in Freshservice as well. Please note that the assignment will only work if the email ID maps to a Requester or an Agent in Freshservice. 

Let me know if you run into any issues or have any feedback!


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We are also considering providing more detailed logs for each sync and also supporting multiple Azure tenants. Will update this thread if these are picked up for development. 

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Thnaks for this really good update BUT it would be also great to sync the user first so we can map the assets. At the moment user gets created after login (with AzureAD Auth). AzureAD provides a provisiong engine for accounts. This would be a really good enterprise feature: 

Hey Jens, 

We have an app in the works to provision/de-provision users to Freshservice from AzureAD (similar to the one we have for Okta on our marketplace). Will get back with more details on this.


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Would be great to use SCIM for the provisiong so we can use standard protocols:

We hopefully will be installing the Intune plugin shortly, once we engage with the 3rd party "TechAffinity" to clarify some aspects of this plugin due to the sensibility of our assets and CMDB. I been following this discussion and found it interesting from the technical point of view. Anyone has questioned or thought around any risks of making all your assets available to a 3rd party?

@Mohana If the provisioning app could respect alternative addresses it would be amazing.  This is something missing from the local AD probe.

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