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Probe 4.0.0 - Performance Improvements and IP Range scanning enhancements

We are working on a new version of the Discovery Probe focusing on performance updates to significantly reduce scan times. We'll also introduce changes to how you can configure and maintain IP range scans in the Probe. Here's a list of all the changes planned:

  • IP Range Configuration - No limitation in how the IP ranges can be configured (Now only class C can be configured with 254 IPs scanned in one go. We'll open all classes). 
    • Allow specifying subnets / CIDR
    • Exclusion lists
  • Maintain IP Ranges / Domain scans - Allow deleting IP scans and domains configured 
  • Force sync all scanned information to Freshservice on demand
  • Any scans manually triggered will take precedence over any other scheduled scans
  • Performance improvements to IP range scanning
  • Improved parallelization of scans
  • UI changes to better represent in-progress and scheduled scans with options to kill scans if needed. 

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Hi, it would be nice to be able to define more than one credential set for the same IP range. for example on the same IP range I have different SNMP communities and also different clients joined to different domains or SSH credentials to access Linux servers.

Thanks for support


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Also would be great to have more Device Types in "Scan devices", like Storage, UPS, TV, etc..

The best would be to be able to add Device types by ourselves as per need, or at least be able to use all devices set on the portal also in the "devices.csv" OID file, so that SNMP scan can set device type by itself.

Thank you


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Very interested in a test run of this, the old probe is basically useless with a network larger than /24. Please reach out to me when its avaiable for alpha or beta

Possible to have exclusions for SCCM probe scans?

Enhancement request:

Allow the probe to bring in a requester's secondary email address from Active Directory.

In Active Directory, additional email addresses are normally stored in the ProxyAddresses attribute.

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There was a very good suggestion made back in:

When running in MSP mode, we need "asset automation rules" so that we can map an asset or user (from AD) to a Company.

This is essential and I will need to cancel my asset licenses until this is available.

@Holger, We are past the beta stage at the moment and we'll be rolling out the new version in a few days. I'll let you know once the new version ships so that you can try it out.

@Nicholas, we aren't making any changes to SCCM integration in this version. I'll add this to our backlog. 

@Help Desk

  • Multiple Credentials are in plan for future versions. I know this isn't ideal, but a workaround you can use is to set up multiple scans in the new Probe with different sets of credentials (we don't allow duplicate scanning ranges in the current version). Our long term plan is to support a credential library and mapping multiple sets of creds to a scan. 
  • Good feedback on the SNMP scanning. I'll check this as well.

@Leigh, We have heard this request in the past and is doable. I'll explore this a bit further and get back.

@Ryan, introducing assets in automations is our next focus. We'll share some more info on this in a short while on this forum. 

Folks, the new version of the Probe is now available. Your existing Probes will auto-update in a few days. If you'd like to manually update the Probe, download the recent version from Admin -> Discovery -> Probe and just reinstall over your current version. 

Here's a summary of all the changes in this version. You can find all the version specific updates here. Looking forward all your feedback. 

  • IP Range & Domain Scans:
    • Introducing the completely revamped IP Range Configuration options with support for specifying subnets and CIDR notations. Specifying devices / IP Ranges to be excluded in the scan is also supported now. More details on configuring IP Range scans here.
      • All existing IP Ranges configured in the Probe have been converted into scan profiles to retain existing configurations
    • IP Ranges and Domains configured can now be deleted
    • UI changes to better represent in-progress and scheduled scans with options to kill in-progress scans.
  • Probe Settings
    • Introducing the option to Force Sync Device and User information that has already been scanned by the Probe to Freshservice. This option is available for both the Standard Probe and the SCCM Probe.
      • Note that this does not rescan the devices and users. This will only refresh the information in Freshservice with the data that was already scanned by the Probe.
    • The option to "Send Partially Discovered Data to Freshservice" has been removed. 
      • If any probe has the option enabled now, this will be retained but admins cannot disable this anymore from the Probe. 
  • MAC Device Scan:
    • Completely revamped device scanning method for MAC devices to be more performant and secure
    • Last Logged in User information will now be discovered from MAC devices
  • General Updates: 
    • Performance updates to device scanning with upto 5X faster device discovery
    • Enhanced multithreading to scan more devices in parallel based on the server where the Probe is installed in. 
    • Any scans manually triggered will take precedence over other scheduled scans
  • Bug Fixes:
    • SCCM Probe: Fixed an issue where the OS of a device was not discovered and listed as a Software
    • SCCM Probe: Fixed an issue where the physical memory of devices was show incorrectly
    • SCCM Probe: Fixed an issue where the IP Address of devices was not updated
    • When selecting OUs to sync device/user info to Freshservice, the Probe timed out for very large OU lists. This has been fixed.
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