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Probe 4.0.0 - Performance Improvements and IP Range scanning enhancements

We are working on a new version of the Discovery Probe focusing on performance updates to significantly reduce scan times. We'll also introduce changes to how you can configure and maintain IP range scans in the Probe. Here's a list of all the changes planned:

  • IP Range Configuration - No limitation in how the IP ranges can be configured (Now only class C can be configured with 254 IPs scanned in one go. We'll open all classes). 
    • Allow specifying subnets / CIDR
    • Exclusion lists
  • Maintain IP Ranges / Domain scans - Allow deleting IP scans and domains configured 
  • Force sync all scanned information to Freshservice on demand
  • Any scans manually triggered will take precedence over any other scheduled scans
  • Performance improvements to IP range scanning
  • Improved parallelization of scans
  • UI changes to better represent in-progress and scheduled scans with options to kill scans if needed. 

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