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Probe 4.0.0 - Performance Improvements and IP Range scanning enhancements

We are working on a new version of the Discovery Probe focusing on performance updates to significantly reduce scan times. We'll also introduce changes to how you can configure and maintain IP range scans in the Probe. Here's a list of all the changes planned:

  • IP Range Configuration - No limitation in how the IP ranges can be configured (Now only class C can be configured with 254 IPs scanned in one go. We'll open all classes). 
    • Allow specifying subnets / CIDR
    • Exclusion lists
  • Maintain IP Ranges / Domain scans - Allow deleting IP scans and domains configured 
  • Force sync all scanned information to Freshservice on demand
  • Any scans manually triggered will take precedence over any other scheduled scans
  • Performance improvements to IP range scanning
  • Improved parallelization of scans
  • UI changes to better represent in-progress and scheduled scans with options to kill scans if needed. 

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Can you add different schedules for different IP ranges? 

Can you add the option to pick up the AD Location Attribute from the scanned object rather than just saetting it on the Probe please?

Can you add the option to pick up the AD Location attribute from the scanned object rather than just being able to set it on the Probe please?

Also to use different User Mapping Files for different types of users in different AD Ou's, for each type of user, I have to install and configure a separate Probe on a separate machine.  Anyway on improving on this?

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The ability to set multiple email addresses with the probe should be a requirement. The inability to do this makes the probe almost useless for me.

@Hiren, can you explain a bit on the AD location attribute? Is this for devices or for users?

We'll consider the request for adding different mappings for different ADs for a future release. Thanks for the feedback!

@Patrick, Can you let us know where you'd like to set multiple email addresses?

Hi Sid, we just wanted to confirm the Probe 4.0.0 update will pull Last Logged in User Information on the MAC devices as well as Windows devices? Also, do we have an ETA on this release? Relates to Topic 321731 previously. Cheers

@Mohana, I would like to bring the multiple email address from the ProxyAddress field in AD. This field should list all email addresses. You will need to parse the "SMTP:" from these addresses. I would like to make the multiple email addresses available in the multiple email addresses in FS. I can do this import with CSV currently, but the probe does not support. Send me a PM if you would like a call to go into more detail.

Andrew, Yes, the Last Logged in user details will be pulled in for Mac devices from the Probe 4.0 version. We are targeting end of month to release this version to all customers. Do let us know if you'd be interested in previewing the new Probe. We can arrange for early access.

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@Patrick, Got it. We don't have this in scope for Probe 4.0. But I'll add this to our backlog and will drop a note once this is picked up for dev. Thanks for explaining!

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@Sid We would be 'very' keen to get an early look at the new Probe. Thanks for the update.

@Mohana I would also be interested in previewing and giving feedback on the new Probe.


It was the location AD attribute for the devices - we set this based on IP and it would very useful to have this displayed in FS.  

We have a long standing support call regarding our probe (#3574142) which is still not resolved so would be keen to side-step the issue and move to a preview of 4.0.  Whilst the probe isn't critical to us, we'd need a call first to understand any significant risks 



Hi Andrew, Jeffrey, Hiren, I'll reach out to you offline and set up some time for the preview. 

@Hiren, I am looking into your issue. We'll can also discuss that during the call. 

 Thank you!

That's great, Mohana

Thank you.

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