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Dynamic Sections for Service Catalog items configuration

With this update, admins can make the service catalog item forms dynamic. The forms can be configured to make certain set of fields on a Service catalog item, appear only when a certain value is selected on a drop-down field. This will allow requesters to view only the relevant fields when filing service requests, and the system to capture only the relevant information for the service request.

For example, on a Service Request form for 'RAM Upgrade', you'd like to ask for the department head's email ID, if the upgrade request is for more than 16GB of RAM. You can make use of dynamic sections.

Here's a sneak peak at the mocks.

PS: This functionality is similar to what is already available for Ticket form configurations

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We have been waiting for this for so long! Can't wait to see this implemented.

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When is the planned rollout?

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can't wait for this to go in production. this would help us create more elaborate service request helping our agents solve them quicker.

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