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Dynamic Sections for Service Catalog items configuration

With this update, admins can make the service catalog item forms dynamic. The forms can be configured to make certain set of fields on a Service catalog item, appear only when a certain value is selected on a drop-down field. This will allow requesters to view only the relevant fields when filing service requests, and the system to capture only the relevant information for the service request.

For example, on a Service Request form for 'RAM Upgrade', you'd like to ask for the department head's email ID, if the upgrade request is for more than 16GB of RAM. You can make use of dynamic sections.

Here's a sneak peak at the mocks.

PS: This functionality is similar to what is already available for Ticket form configurations

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We currently operate as an MSP to Freshservice with multiple portals and therefore cannot use their Onboarding module. We made our own with alot of designing.

We would like to specify job titles/Roles so that certain software can be associated with a Role. We do it manually now behind the scenes. With this dynamic functionality our use case is that Mgrs select the new hire's Role then we automatically associate the software. Currently, we can't show this to the Manager so it's not available to them to see. Instead, they are welcome to call us to verify but it causes another servicedesk interaction we'd prefer to not have. Will this dynamic functionality be the fix, or will I also need to create a bunch of workflows like Brie said above, to show/hide software based on groups? Would anyone be willing to show me offline their manual onboarding workflows?

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Robbie - this is something I am planning to look at in the near future as well. We are going through a role profiling project shortly but given the range of standardized roles and environments within our org we don't want a manager to have to select each item. I'd been considering generating via workflow automator however it seems like a very manual process to keep them maintained if changes are made.

Hey folks,

We're getting slightly delayed. Dynamic Sections for Service Catalog should be available by the end of next week. Apologies for the delay.


This dynamic functionality has been introduced only to Service Catalog item forms and not for the employee onboarding forms. But, I understand your use-case. I'll take in your inputs as a feature request.

Thank you for your feedback.



Is still on schedule of being release this week?

Can we please get the same functionality embedded in the Employee Onboarding platform?

That would be SWEET!

Hi, Is there any update on the release of this feature?

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Hey Folks,

Dynamic sections should be available this week. 

@Robert, I'll take this as a feature request. Could you please explain your use-case for having this in the employee onboarding form?



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Hopefully soon we will get the functionality for dynamic fields in service requests (its pretty urgent for us).
But for now I have been playing with the dynamic fields for the incidents form.


If I understand correctly, we cant have dynamic fields within dynamic fields.


This would actually be really useful (for both incidents and service requests)




In the Incident field we want to remove the Group field and have requesters use a new drop down where they select a service or product.
With automation we will deliver the ticket to the correct group.

In that list we want to group them a bit instead of making it an endless list of options.


For example, instead of listing all types of hardware and software, we first want to give them the option to choose between Software and Hardware.

But right now, I can either do Dependent field, but then I cant use Dynamic fields anymore.
And if i use the Dynamic Field, then i miss one more level. 


Say – I select hardware, then I see the dynamic field, giving me the option to choose between – Laptop, monitor, server, mouse, headset, etc.
Now depending on the choice made, I want to show dynamic fields specific to this piece of hardware. 

This will also apply to Service Requests. 
This way we can limit the amount of requests and make it more user friendly. 

Let me know if this makes sense to you. 

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For me its been live since yesterday. :)

I already created a new request using dynamic fields. 
Check in your SR's where drop down menu's exist.

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have it as well, finally :)


Hey folks,

Dynamic sections for Service Catalog is live. Happy to take feedback.


Thank you for detailing your request. Sounds like a fair ask. We'll add this to our backlog of items.



Product @ Freshservice

Will these dynamic fields also flow through to the employee onboarding?

I want to ensure that only the laptops available for a department show when a user chooses the laptop, we have standards by department.  If on the laptop item we could add department, then based on their choice only bring up that departments models that would be great.

Please advise when this will come to employee onboarding.

I think it's a welcome and useful feature.   I'd like to see it expanded to other types of fields. For example, if a checkbox is checked, display other parts of the form. Or if the "request on behalf of another user" box is checked, show something different, etc.

Hi Robert,

Understood. Thank you for elaborating your use case. Right now, we don't have this functionality on employee on-boarding forms, but it will soon be expanded to other Freshservice forms too. I don't have an ETA yet, unfortunately. Will keep you posted.

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for the feedback. Noted. Will add it to our backlog.



Product @ Freshservice

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