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Microsoft Teams app for Freshservice

The Microsoft Teams apps for Freshservice send notifications to agents on Teams regarding newly assigned tickets and also regarding updates being made to them. Agents can also now interact with the bot to fetch information regarding tickets and changes to help collaborate in the context of the ticket/change.

Use case 1: IT Agents can now get notified in MS Teams regarding newly assigned incidents. The agents will also be notified about conversations being added to the ticket and also regarding any updates made to the status and priority. Agents can also perform certain quick actions like adding notes/reply on the tickets within the Teams interface.(Mocks below to showcase the interaction)


Use case 2: Agents can now interact with the bot (either one to one or can be used inside a team) to fetch contextual information about tickets and changes, collaborate and perform certain quick actions without leaving the Team’s interface. (Mocks below to showcase the interaction)


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Would it be possible to participate in pilot testing prior we will have a official release? I would like to check the integration and functionalities that are available.   


I hope this includes Task notifications.  This would help with the task feature request that I have just requested -

The notification piece of this happening in Teams would be great!

@sudipta, are you not planning to make the Teams bot more capable in the future? If you are, then surely you have a way to push new features out - so why delay until you "solve all the use cases that I had highlighted previously". I think after 2+ years of this, and multiple false starts and missed deadlines, just releasing anything functional would be a good faith gesture. Only notifications of new ticket assignments? Fine. Another month before ticket fetching gets added? No problem.

You say mid-August now for delivery, but the problem here is that nobody believes you because what you say you will deliver and what you actually deliver never align. I don't mean that about you personally - I mean the product as a whole.

I do hope the bot does arrive, and that it does work as intended, but I was done over a year ago with believing FS claims about timelines and product delivery. I also hope that when the bot is delivered it continues to have new features added over time.

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I'm curious if we will see anything in the second week of August as shared from Sudipta with his latest update....... Just a heads up that would be by Friday Next week....

I would guess that would be a big fat no

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Hi Sudipta, any update on the release date? 

can't wait for this.  ETA?

Hi Everybody

We have completed the work for Freshservice <> MS Teams integration and the bot has been submitted to Microsoft for their approval. Wanted to share the integration video that has the install steps and all the use cases.  


Usually Microsoft takes ~4 weeks to approve and publish the bots in your Teams tenants. We are working with folks at Microsoft to get it approved sooner. I will keep you posted once the the integration is published in both our marketplaces.  Also, would love to hear from you any feedback about the integration.

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looks pretty good.  Excited to see it released

...we all patiently await.  

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Still no updates on this yet?

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Any update on this?

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So you were working to get this approved sooner than 4 weeks, how long has it been since?

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Any update? Has this been launched already?

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