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Microsoft Teams app for Freshservice

The Microsoft Teams apps for Freshservice send notifications to agents on Teams regarding newly assigned tickets and also regarding updates being made to them. Agents can also now interact with the bot to fetch information regarding tickets and changes to help collaborate in the context of the ticket/change.

Use case 1: IT Agents can now get notified in MS Teams regarding newly assigned incidents. The agents will also be notified about conversations being added to the ticket and also regarding any updates made to the status and priority. Agents can also perform certain quick actions like adding notes/reply on the tickets within the Teams interface.(Mocks below to showcase the interaction)


Use case 2: Agents can now interact with the bot (either one to one or can be used inside a team) to fetch contextual information about tickets and changes, collaborate and perform certain quick actions without leaving the Team’s interface. (Mocks below to showcase the interaction)


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Hi Sudipta,

I was wondering if everything is still on track for Freshservice to be rolled out for MS Teams app in the next week or so?


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Is this a channel that anyone can see and follow even if they are not an agent?


Can we get an update as to when this will be deployed? Today is mid-July!

I'm very interested to have this option ASAP !

I agree - I commented 13 days ago - and did not receive any comment that - yes we are still on track etc... I fear that they are going to come back with another excuse... IF they do these excuses have been piling up for over 2 years now on this one topic..... so sad.

Hi Guys, there is a slight delay in the rollout plan for the Freshservice <> Microsoft Teams integration. We are planning between somewhere in the 1st to 2nd week of August to have the integration live. I will keep you guys posted for any further updates. 

Looks like I called it. Zero accountability on their end. - have no interest in putting their customers first.. you can’t tell us your running into problems and need more time over and over again. YOU need to prioritize your time on rolling this out. Your saying another month, yet a month ago it was a month, and a month before that it was a month. This goes back 2 years. The infrastructure is in place, dedicate resources to integrate it into freshservice. Your the only company out there that does not advance or keep up with the rest.

I think that's a tad harsh @Matt, although the timelines are definitely askew. We've had similar issues launching services internally; I think Freshworks just need to take a look at their processes for announcing release dates, however rough those timelines might be.

Hi Sudipta, thanks for the update.

@Jake Carden - I do agree that issues arise - we all work in technology/systems if we are using this software. That being said I do not agree at all with their customer service side. While this thread has only been going on for 3 months - there is another thread that started 2 years ago. A LOT of us are very excited to implement what has become the "Standard" here and we are restricted by freshservice. I am no software programmer but you can't disagree that a timeline of 2 years when they have had the software fully launched for a sister product (freshdesk). yes, it's a different platform but same internal guts to work off.

Now, if they came 1-2 weeks before their promised date and said, here is an update, see the screenshots for what we have accomplished but still running into these issues.... then I would be more on board with supporting their timeline. But each and every time they simply wait until the "Updated promised launch date" and then come back saying sorry need more time and share no explanation or use a blanket excuse.

Looking forward to this release! Replying here to follow.

This is the curse of a software company releasing previews and projected release dates. You want to create hype with customers, but you're gonna create disappointment when you don't hit your dates. FreshService is in a hard spot.

@Matt I think it's more than just "FreshDesk" vs "FreshService" as an easy transition. We use another product, Goverlan, which just released a service desk integration module. They have FreshDesk integrated, but they're working on getting FreshService - there's something obviously different between the two.

Has anyone here actually tried out FreshDesk's version of the Microsoft Teams integration? Are the functions the same? I notice for FreshService's version there is more chat bot interaction (refer to use case 2 in the original post). Not sure if that adds to the complexity of the integration.

Hi Matt, I understand that the Freshservice <> MS Teams app has taken some time, but we are building something that will solve all the use cases that I had highlighted previously. Delivering something that works seamlessly across the scale of all our customers takes some time, and my intent was to keep you guys notified about any progress made in regards to this. Unfortunately, this time, there have been some delays, which are being taken care of while I write this. 

Like Ashraf has mentioned, it is not a simple port from Freshdesk but there is additional work involved as we are specifically solving for problems that the IT teams face. 

So, thank you for your patience. The team is working on this integration with the highest priority and will keep you posted once I have further updates with regards to this. 

I've been holding my breath for a long time for this.

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