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Microsoft Teams app for Freshservice

The Microsoft Teams apps for Freshservice send notifications to agents on Teams regarding newly assigned tickets and also regarding updates being made to them. Agents can also now interact with the bot to fetch information regarding tickets and changes to help collaborate in the context of the ticket/change.

Use case 1: IT Agents can now get notified in MS Teams regarding newly assigned incidents. The agents will also be notified about conversations being added to the ticket and also regarding any updates made to the status and priority. Agents can also perform certain quick actions like adding notes/reply on the tickets within the Teams interface.(Mocks below to showcase the interaction)


Use case 2: Agents can now interact with the bot (either one to one or can be used inside a team) to fetch contextual information about tickets and changes, collaborate and perform certain quick actions without leaving the Team’s interface. (Mocks below to showcase the interaction)


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Will this allow our requesters to approve tickets that need their approval too?

That would be a huge feature we'd utilize.

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Do you have an ETA?

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My support team would have great interest in this feature!

Looking forward to this! We are happy to beta test this out if possible.

Excited! Can you notify me when it's available? 

Looks good!

How far out is this?

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Hi Sudipta, any more details relating to the functionality the integration will have? e.g if i'm in a conversation with another Teams member can i log a ticket from that conversation? FYI - we have an open support ticket for this at #3577003.

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Can't wait for this!

Use case 1 is a lot more useful. Any beta for this?

happy to beta test this when available

@David Stephenson, yes indeed. The V1 of the app will have the feature where approvers (even if they are end users and not agents in Freshservice) can approve/reject a service request.

@All, there will not be a beta rollout for this app. We are planning to launch the V1 of the app on our marketplace by mid-June. 

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Hi everybody, wanted to provide a quick update regarding MS Teams app for Freshservice. It is in development right now and is being targeted to roll out by early to mid July. The delay is due to certain unforeseen challenges, which the team is working on now.

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