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Tickets too cluttered with irrelevant info

With Agent responses, Requester responses, and notes; tickets tend to become cluttered with all kinds of information which tends to bury important notes or replies.  Sometimes I can scroll through dozens of notes in a single ticket before I can find something relevant.  I think there needs to be a separation between Agent/Requester conversations and technical notes made through the process of a tickets life.  My suggestion is to create a tab within a ticket that is dedicated to just the conversation between Agent and Requester.  Then a separate tab for Private Notes made along the way.  I think something like this could cut down on the clutter seen in tickets.  

Another idea could be to flag a note as "relevant" to the ticket if you want it to appear.  Something that could be considered relevant would be steps taken to troubleshoot a problem.  Something considered "irrelevant" would be a note made in the ticket indicating an attempt to contact the Requester was made.

Basically I'm just looking for any way to cut down on clutter in tickets.

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