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Custom field in SLA Policy conditions

Please add custom fields from ticket in SLA Policy conditions to be able better define SLAs.



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Hi Peter,

Could you please elaborate on what sort of fields will help you here and why you need them? A few examples will help us understand your requirement.

Thank you so much. 



Product @ Freshservice


1. Field - FS CMDB -> Asset (IT Service) 

Backround: Some our services have defined own SLAs for specific customer. Imagine if you have 300 customers in MSP and we are not able to define some standard response times (RT) and time to repair (MTR or MTTR), then we could have more than 100 SLA policies. It is complicated to manage it.

example: have customers> cust1, cust2, cust3,...  Have services > serv1, serv2, serv3,...  // serv1 for cust1 RT is 15mins by urgent ,,, BUT serv1 for cust2 is 1h by urgent.

CUST1 uses EMAIL as a service with support class GOLD that means RT 15mins ....

2. Custom field - eg. Support class

see backround and example above

With custom field we defined in Ticket view, we could better and effectively define conditions which of SLAs will be executed.

Field Customer in condition is not enough , we should have then define SLAs for each customer or customer group, which leads to hundreds of SLA policy entries.




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