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Service Catalog Custom Field Enhancements

There's a few features that I'd like to see for the SR custom fields section:

1. Make a multiple checkbox list. I know we can make checkboxes individually, but they're spaced out and there's no real good way to distinguish between two groups of checkboxes... leading to....

2. Add a <hr> option - so that we can separate groups in the list. Similarly....

3. Allow us to customize the html.

4. If not, at least give us some WYSIWYG controls (bold, underline, etc.) - for instance, just yesterday I had a checkbox that was VERY important for the user to see. It wasn't a required checkbox, but I wanted to make sure the user didn't miss it. Would've been nice to make the text of it bold.

5. Allow us to bring in fields from other areas in the Service Desk (Department, Location, Group, Location, etc.)

6. Add text without a field - similar to the <hr> request above, so we can describe sections or selection items

7. Allow us to make multiple columns. This kind of goes with the multiple checkbox option, but being able to list 7 or so checkboxes between two columns would be much cleaner than one long list.

That's all I can think of for now.

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Hello Michael,

Thank you for sending us this comprehensive list. This is great feedback. Please find my response to each item below -

1. Completely agree. I understand that having the ability to configure a checklist would help here. That said, we're also evaluating our options to bring in 'multi-select drop-downs' in the future. The idea here is that, users filling out this field will be able to choose multiple field options from a single drop-down. Do you think that'll be useful in place of a checkbox list?

2. Ability to configure section headers and customize their appearance to effectively segregate groups of fields is part of our backlog. I'll make sure to take your request as an ask for the feature.

3, 4. This is interesting. I haven't had a lot of customers ask for this feature, but I do see how useful the ability to customize look-and-feel of the fields could be. I'll take this as a feature request, and thank you for explaining why you'd need this.

5. This is part of our roadmap. We're looking to introduce 'Look-up Fields' this year. With 'look-up fields', you can configure drop-downs whose values can be 'looked up' from other entities in Freshservice - such as, Location, Group, Softwares, Vendors, etc. I'll keep you posted when we're closer to taking the feature up for development

6. Similar to my response to #2. Bringing section header configurations is part of our backlog. But do you think having the ability to configure tool-tips / help texts for individual fields will be helpful to describe individual items?

7. Got it. Having the fields in multiple columns would make for a cleaner form, and would make it easier for users to fill in. I'll take this as a feature request.

Thanks again, Michael, for taking your time and giving us this feedback. If you have anymore, please feel free to add them here.



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Love all the feedback, thanks Sundar.

Completely in agreement with points 1, 3, and 5. Can't wait to see what the rest of the year looks like in terms of dev :)

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Hey Sundar,

Thanks for the responses - my responses to your responses below. :)

1. I thought about "multiple selection lists", but I'm not sure if the average end-user would get it. I think check boxes would be more understandable.

6. Yes. I think it would help with the flow - right now, the form is a long list of items. I think people could easily get lost in all of the material. Back to our example the other day: We made a form for "repair requests." I made a checkbox list of repairable things (walls, lights, stairs, etc.), then a section for the location of the needed repairs, then a date the repairs are needed for, then if the repairs are billable to the customer (this is one I wish was bold, because I think it might get lost in this whole flow). It would be nice to break them down into small chunks.

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Please add a multi select field, yes your end users will get it, this is a standard field available to any other form maker you find.

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