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Workflow Automator: Separate paths but converge to shared actions

It would be great if you can have conditions that allow the workflow to take, initially, separate paths but eventually converge to share the same ending tasks. This would make it easier to manage. For example, I'm using this workflow to manage HR on boarding. Based not the type of employee they would initially go separate ways and execute different actions. But, after it reaches a certain point, the remainder of the onboarding actions are the same. 

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I like the idea, but I'm currently having trouble thinking of anything that couldn't technically be done before the fork, but would need to converge them after other tasks...

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I'll use my on boarding flow as the example. 

I've attached a picture of a scenario. 

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I need this for my company.

I have two specific workflows that currently have 10 different endpoints. The problem is that these endpoints all need the same tasks created. Currently I need to create 10 tasks on 10 of these actions. This is very tedious and if I need to make a minor change to one task, I need to do it 10 times.

I've tried making a separate workflow just to handle the task creation process, however it seems like a request can only progress through one workflow currently.

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The challenge that I'm facing (would love if anyone has solved) is how do i display items for the hiring manager to chose... that apply to their employee but not others?

For example... we use a specific software for our Acquisitions Department... no other department uses that software.  Currently, when setting up the onboarding form for hiring manager, I've chosen the software from the available service category.

The only hiring manager that should see that specific software is when their department is Acquisitions, otherwise, it should not show.  Does this make sense?

I think it's exactly like the mock up Michael did.

If we had this availability, it would make it so much more efficient for the hiring manager to only see what they need to see.


Robert, sounds like requester groups might work for you?

Go to Settings > groups > Create new requester group. Then set the condition to either the department or job title of the people who would use the service. 

Once you have the group, edit the service item you want the Acquisitions Department to only see. When editing the service item, go to the settings section > Visible group, select the new requester group you made.

Hi Leigh-

This is using the new Employee Onboarding feature which does not respect Service Item security.

I raised this with my rep today and they advised that it would be an ehancement request to add the ability to on the Hiring Manager setup step for employee onboarding adding in group/department level security.

I hope this makes sense.  While using the standard service catalog the group security does work, this is specifically for the employee onboarding function which is new.


Ah damn.

Yeah I actually stopped using the new employee onboarding for that exact reason. It lacks functionality that the other service items / catalog already provides. I ended up creating my employee on-boarding with the old service items as we have custom approval routing which just isn't possible with FS Employee On-boarding.

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