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Round Robin Auto Task Assignment

It would be nice if the round robin assignment method works with tasks. Right now you have to specifically assign a task to an agent. 

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100% agree. At the moment the task view for groups is not even slightly easy to use or manage.

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This is very much needed. The ONLY ways to see tasks assigned to my group (and unassigned to agent) are both unintuitive and not easy to see. They are:

1. Make an analytics report to show them (and then have it emailed once a day to your team) - yet another email they'll likely overlook

2. Remember throughout the day to go to tasks and click through Tasks on all tickets > Agent filter > Unassigned. And then click through the three open buckets (today, upcoming, overdue).

Ideally, the info in #1 or #2 would be available as a dashboard widget and allow us to round robin assign to a group member.

Let's not forget how much of a pain it is to update all the workflows when you need to re-assign the pre-defined tasks to someone else. I have maybe 15 or more workflows that I have to change whenever the person goes on leave. 

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