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Reorder actions items throughout the workflow automator

I've recently migrated all my rules into the new Workflow Automator format. I do like the new method but It's frustrating how you have to add things in order (i.e. Action Block). It would be nice if you can insert an action in between other actions so you don't have to delete everything and then re-add it. It's a pain especially if you have many email notifications that you've typed up. I essentially have to copy and paste them all into notepad and then add then back after I insert the new rule. 

In addition, It would be nice if you can rearrange items in the workflow view. You can drag and drop new items and insert them anywhere but you can re-arrange them once you place the item. In many cases we implement a new process which changes up one of the flows. Instead, I have to create additional boxes and make the other ones null. But, I would still have to re-type everything to mimic "moving" it. Does that make sense to everyone?

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Being able to drag and drop workflow items after they've been placed is a no brainer to me and I'm surprised it's not already in place. I agree I am moving workflows around all the time!

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I put in a request for this, just found this topic. +1 for me. support didn't seem to understand what I was talking about though.

+1 for me

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