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Estate Plan Analytics need guidance on how to visualize agent comparison report in Analytics. Backlog for example.

I need to recreate the data on the agent comparision report.  Specifically the line graph over time of backlog tickets, assigned tickets, and resolve tickets as well as the bar chart that shows the total over the period.

I can't seem to figure out how to recreate this data in the Analytics Module of the estate plan.  Can anyone provide guidance?

I like how I can see all 3 of my agents backlogs, resolved tickets, and received tickets, using the canned agent comparison report but I need it to be in analytics dashboard format.

Received Tickets - Tickets created within span of time for which you generate the report.

Resolved Tickets - Tickets that are resolved within the specified time-frame, irrespective of when the ticket is created. i.e, even if the ticket is created last year and if it seem to be resolved in current mont (assuming you are generating report for current month) then the count is added to resolved ticket irrespective of created time.

Backlog Tickets - Tickets that are not in resolved/closed status irrespective of ticket creation date are backlog tickets.

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Hello David,

Apologies for only getting back today. This forum is primarily only to answer questions regarding app development on the Freshworks platform.

Can I recommend that you report this question to so that a support agent can work with you on this?


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