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Add child ticket as part of workflow

Hello, When we create workflows we want a certain group to have a ticket to do part of the workflow. Tasks just don’t cut it, nothing shows up in the groups ticket pool, there is nothing really to action for that group. Can we have “if service request is requested” “add child ticket to group”?

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I would add the ability to modify/close tickets too

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I've just run into this same issue. Would be great to automate the creation of child tickets in the background.

Tasks just aren't as good as tickets currently:

  • They aren't shown on the main dashboard
  • The user needs to navigate a few different screens/options before they see them
  • The formatting of tasks is quite ugly when you auto populate the task to include "all fields" from the service requests. It makes it difficult to actually read the contents of the parent ticket.

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Yeah I would also like this function. Tasks sit within a ticket, that will exist on one group's board. Not every agent will have access to that board. The group that a task is assigned to, might also want to create their own sub tasks for their work in their step of the workflow, and so that is not achievable if all they have to begin with is a task.

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