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Release Notes - 20 February 2019


  • Scheduled data exports: Freshservice customers can schedule Freshservice data to be exported periodically through an API url. This can be fed into any reporting tool (that can pull data from the API) to generate powerful reports and visualizations. More info on this here.


  • Assets: Introducing a revamped experience for associating assets to other entities such as tickets, problems and changes in Freshservice. We have also introduced a new option to search across all assets in the associate asset side pane.

  • Product API: Introducing v2 APIs to perform create, update and delete operations on Product. More info on this here.

  • Assets API V2: In Asset filter API, the ci_type_id attribute is now changed to asset_type_id.

Bug Fixes:

  • Solutions: Solutions with department visibility were not searchable by agents from the support portal. This has been fixed.

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Received a general email from Freshservice with new Release Notes.  Was very interested in Features>Scheduled Data Exports.  After reading "More Info" I realized I didn't have the options that were referred to in the Release Notes.  Wondering why I couldn't follow the directions stated, I searched for the Customer Support tab on my portal to see if I could find an answer.  I accidentally clicked on the i, which was "Product Updates".  There I found that this new feature was only available on certain plans.  Obviously not available on my plan.  That is perfectly fine, but if a feature is not offered across the board, please state which plans it refers to in the email, as to not waste my time.  There was no mention of the required plans in "More Info" as well.  I had to click on Product Update by accident to find this out.  It needs to be more clearly stated. Thanks.

Hey Jeff,

Sorry about the inconvenience. We'll ensure the information is captured in the article.

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