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Tracking helpdesk inventory like spare parts

I'd really like to see the ability to enter our standard inventory items like ssd's, cables, RAM, etc along with expected quantity on hand vs actual quantity on hand. Ideally something where we could scan a barcode as we use an item to decrease the quantity of that item's QOH value, then a barcode we could use to somehow help us add that to a cart for re-order from a vendor. I don't know if this is within scope for Freshservice or not, but it would be helpful. If nothing else, if someone knows of a system that has this functionality for free or low cost, I'd be open to looking at that.

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Yes this would be really useful - it's something I asked about a couple of years back.  In the meantime you could take a look at - it's won't tick all the boxes you've asked for there, but might be of some help and is very low cost.

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