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Sorting by Asset Tag

When sorting by Asset Tag column in Inventory, they don't sort correctly - for example, mine goes in the following order when I sort by Asset Tag column:

  • ASSET-1
  • ASSET-10
  • ASSET-100
  • ASSET-101
  • ASSET-102
  • ASSET-103
  • ASSET-104
  • ASSET-105
  • ASSET-106
  • ASSET-107
  • ASSET-108
  • ASSET-109
  • ASSET-11
  • ASSET-110

And ASSET-2 through ASSET-9, for example do exist

Hi Travis,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Let me confirm the logic behind the sort in CMDB and will file a bug, if found to be a flaw. Will keep you posted on our findings. 

If it helps - Google APis and SSP APis work very much alike. In Google, it's simply a setting of labeling it a NUMERICAL VALUE and not Automatic or PLAIN TEXT. 

Hi Shane,

Thanks for the feedback, we will have passed on to our engineering team to figure out the best solution that we can implement around this.

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