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Sorting by Asset Tag

When sorting by Asset Tag column in Inventory, they don't sort correctly - for example, mine goes in the following order when I sort by Asset Tag column:

  • ASSET-1
  • ASSET-10
  • ASSET-100
  • ASSET-101
  • ASSET-102
  • ASSET-103
  • ASSET-104
  • ASSET-105
  • ASSET-106
  • ASSET-107
  • ASSET-108
  • ASSET-109
  • ASSET-11
  • ASSET-110

And ASSET-2 through ASSET-9, for example do exist

Hi Travis,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Let me confirm the logic behind the sort in CMDB and will file a bug, if found to be a flaw. Will keep you posted on our findings. 

If it helps - Google APis and SSP APis work very much alike. In Google, it's simply a setting of labeling it a NUMERICAL VALUE and not Automatic or PLAIN TEXT. 

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