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Not receiving New Ticket Created notifications


We just set up FreshDesk and are testing out the features. It is important for us that we receive email notifications when a ticket is created as our IT staff are mobile and will not always be looking at the dashboard for new tickets.

Currently the New Ticket Created notification under Agent Notifications is enabled and I have assigned myself as the receiving agent. None of these notifications come through to my email. What do we need to do to get the notifications to arrive?

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When a ticket is created, you could send automated emails to agents on your account notifying about the ticket creation. This notification email could be configured under Admin-->Email Notifications-->Agent Notifications-->New Ticket Created.

You could edit the content of the email to add more context. You could also include dynamic Placeholders, which could be used to send more information regarding the ticket like Requester Information and Ticket Properties.

For the New Ticket Created notification, you would be able to add agents to get notified, under the "Notify Agents" section within the same page. You could click on this option and start adding agents who would receive this notification email whenever a ticket is created.

Hope that helps.



I have a similar issue - though it's not an entire blackout. For some reason, several of our help desk agents have stopped receiving notifications of new tickets. I still receive them (I'm the admin) but our settings are almost identical and they are on all the right lists and all the right toggles are set to ON. It's been frustrating and I can't figure out what could be causing it.

Is is possible to examine outgoing emails on freshdesk's end to see if they are getting sent, and if so what's happening to them?

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We are seeing the same issue.  Has been sporadic for years.  Very frustrating.   Email notification settings are correct as others are saying.

In the past FD has solved by changing the outbound email servers that were being blocked.

We really need a permanent reliable solution.

And we have problems with notification. If customer send e-mail in freshservice, he doesn`t receive notification about creating ticket

We are also experiencing this now, just out of the blue.

Some agents are still receiving fine while others are not.

It is very strange.

Anyone had a resolution on this?

Just registered. Enabled notification for Requester for new ticket creation - and NO notifications in requester's inbox ( 
For us it's really blocking issue.

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