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Release Notes - 16 January 2019


  • Notification Messages: The flash notifications displayed across the product have been converted to toast messages. The new notifications are crisp and pleasant toasts that appears on the top right corner of your screen and self destructs after a particular time. Only those toasts which needs manual attention stays until closed by the user.

  • Projects: Tasks can now be created for future projects without specifying the dates.
  • Marketplace SDK: A single app can now be present in multiple locations on the same page. In addition, a location may open up one or more modals. The locations and modals can be thought of as separate instances of the app and can be resized, closed, and communicate with each other. The app framework provides instance APIs to enable these use cases.

  • Assets: The asset labels can now be printed in bulk from the Asset list. Coming up: Label Designer app to add more information on the asset labels.

Bug Fixes:

  • Agent & Requester list (Admin -> User Management): The sorting in the Agent and Requester list did not sort across all pages. This has been fixed.

  • Requester Edit in Tickets: Editing the requester of the ticket did not automatically change the department. This has been fixed.

  • Roles & Permissions: Fixed an issue where an agent who has group level access to tickets was not able to edit the tasks assigned to his/her group.

  • Service Catalog: The values filled to fields of 1st child item in a bundle gets cleared automatically. This has been fixed.

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