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BUG: "Requester Responded" flag still set after splitting a ticket

If a requester responds to an old or irrelevant ticket, and you split the reply off using the "Split this as a new Ticket" function, the "Requester Responded" flag is still set.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Have a user open a ticket

2. Have the user respond to the ticket with a new problem.  (This new problem should be a new ticket, but the user didn't follow protocol and updated an existing ticket rather than submitting a new one.)

3. Click the "Split this as a new Ticket" button on the irrelevant response.  This will remove the irrelevant response and put it into a new ticket.

4. The "Requester Responded" flag will still be set on the original ticket, even though the response has been removed.

Hi Eric,

Thank you for notifying us and providing the steps to reproduce the issue. We have reported this to our Engineering team and will have this fixed on our future updates. We'll keep you posted once this has been resolved.

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