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Solution Manager Agent Role or Requestor Group

I have recently rolled out Freshservice in my company and so far I've received very positive feedback. However the one area where I'm getting a lot of questions and asks are when it comes to Knowledge Management and Article submission. 

I've been trying to see if I can create a somewhat streamlined workflow to handle this in the mean time but have consistently run into roadblocks. 

Our company has several departments that have a desire to produce and maintain their knowledge in Freshservice but almost none of them will be working out of Freshservice as agents. 

I believe the ideal solution would be either a Requestor Group or Agent Role that has permission to publish and maintain solutions. 

For instance our Creative team may have specific knowledge that other departments don't necessarily need to access. I'd like to be able to give them the permit to submit and maintain articles within their department or perhaps a specific Solution Category. 

Even if I could assign them as an occasional agent with only this functionality, that would suffice. It's just proving to be unfeasible to publish and maintain all company solutions through our small IT Services team.

Have the ability to assign SMEs a Solution Manager role of some kind would solve this in short order. 

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