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Group Approvals

Hi Team, 

It would be a great improvement if an Approval could be sent to a Agent group, then Any agent in that group could then approve the change or SR, ideally the approval would change from a group name to the person who approved.

Sorry this this has been raised before


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bumping this as it's an issue for us right now. We depend a lot on group approvals and currently have to manually maintain a list of agents in multiple workflows


This can be done using CAB groups available in admin tab. You can create multiple groups as Release management or Technical review or Capacity management ...

You can add agents to to this groups.

I hope this helps



Hi Peter Vancik, 

Yes... We use CAB groups for change management, my primary reason for this request for more be directed to tickets in general, Incident and Sr's the ability to send Approval to a group in the "actions" in the Automator would open a vast number of automation solutions for ticket management. 


Hi Lyle,

I see. Send approval to group is not possible. BUT you can send approval request to MULTIPLE agents/requesters and select an option "to be approved by:" everyone, ANY ONE or majority. This can be done within workflow as well as manual request within ticket.


BTW: I've reported problem also regarding this request. If you would use workflow just to send existing approval link to the group, the placeholder does not work.

Absolutely. That is the current solution for items, but overtime that would become an extra item to document and action in the event of staff entries and departures. So I find myself using that option sparingly. I think an simple group approval with the current automation solution would be beneficial to all.



It's an issue for us too. Any update on this?

Is this on the radar at all? Huge painpoint for us

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