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Removal of automatic assigning of asset tag

Hi can we please consider removing this feature that automatically assigns an asset an asset tag reference/number or make this an option rather than being compulsory. Most if not all organisations will already have a naming convention in place well before taking Fresh Service on and this means this won't align to the naming convention Fresh Service use.

Purely as example I may have a 6 digit asset number and the first numeric character is 1 and this donates the hardware is a desktop and then I have another 6 digit asset number and the first numeric character is a 2 and this donates that the hardware is a laptop and so on and so on.

Why do we have to have an asset tag assigned? I see no benefit whatsoever for this

Hi Darrell, 

Thank you for your feedback. 

I can understand your use case. We'll pass on your request to our product team for their consideration. 

We'll keep you posted regarding any updates on this front. 


Karthik Pasupathy R


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