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Dark Mode for Agents

Having a dark mode for agents would be extremely nice. Having to stare at a stark white screen all day kills my eyes, and I'm sure bothers other people. With other services adopting dark mode as an option, Freshservice should as well.

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would be a very nice addition. 

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Would be a great addition, had a few agents request this in our company as well.

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This would be brilliant!
I don't know how many times I've been scrolling through and thought, wow I wish this had dark mode.

I activate dark mode wherever possible.

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This is a brilliant and easy to implement idea via CSS. Why has no one at freshservice acknowledged it? Do you guys not know how to do it on the web programming team? Here's a guide if not

Should be easy to do and there's no reason that the freshservice team should have left it open with no response for 8 months!

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Yes, I would love this! Save my eyes Freshservice!

Install this browser extension and you will now have dark mode functionality :)

How about more customisation to set your own colour scheme entirely.

absolutely Needs a Dark Mode.

@Devin has a point
It really is just a button that changes the .css file to have different colours for the background, text and other elements.


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