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Dark Mode for Agents

Having a dark mode for agents would be extremely nice. Having to stare at a stark white screen all day kills my eyes, and I'm sure bothers other people. With other services adopting dark mode as an option, Freshservice should as well.

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I'm amazed freshservice continually deprioritizes and ignores what is literally the most upvoted feature request in the list.

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Has anyone actually tried to contact Freshservice through their sales/support rep for the company? I'm thinking that the forum is ignored and they are only going to listen if someone who is going to lose a paycheck is contacted.

Any updates? it's been ready since early this year, could we get some information as to when it will be implemented.. The roadmap is over a year old.

Hi Everybody. Firstly, apologies for keeping this thread hanging for a while. Dark theme for agents was put on hold to accommodate a few other high priority items. However, good news, we will be resuming the development for Dark theme by the first week of October. 

In terms of availability, we are looking to roll out the capability to a closed group first, get the initial feedback and then go for GA. The closed group beta is being planned for early Nov. I believe you would be open to be a part of the initial availability group. So I would go ahead and enable the capability for all the participants in this thread once we are ready (early Nov).

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Thank you! We'd be glad to test this feature and give feedback.

We would also like to be included in the Dark Mode trial, please.

I would love to be an early tester for this feature!

+1 Please add me as an early tester.  Thx!

Looking forward to this feature! I'd love to be part of the closed group beta, so please include me on the list.

I would love to try this out

Count me in!

My organization would love to test this as well.

+1 for me as well.

Yes please! It's been 6 months, any update?

I´m up for testing it aswell

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