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Receive Notifications with Trigger Webhook action in Workflow Automator fails

We're in the process of implementing a webhook in a Workflow Automation. While believe we have set it up properly, the action we're attempting to get it to perform (create a new ticket in Freshservice), it doesn't seem to be functioning properly.

Unfortunately, we have no idea specifically where the failure is occurring as there is no notification of any kind that tells us the error occurring when the webhook is triggered.

We need Freshservice to provide a way to obtain notifications (either in-app and/or via email) when a Webhook fails.

Having these notifications will also be helpful at a later time in the event a Webhook fails for other reasons (service unavailable, outdated calls, etc.).

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Hey Travis, thanks for your feedback on webhooks. We are in fact looking to solve the problem of communication via Api in workflow automator.

However, since you mentioned that you are facing issues with creating the ticket in freshservice itself, there may be setup problems with the API request. Can you please reach out to our support with the details, for quick resolution on this.

Hi Rishul! I did contact Support about the reason that brought up this request only to find out what we need to do isn't possible due to another limitation of automators. Bummer. So I opened yet another feature request for that.

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