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Share Ticket Views with Multiple Groups

We currently have a need to share some views with multiple Groups of Agents. Currently we only have the option share a view with "Myself", "All Agents", or "Agents in a Group".

I would propose changing "Agents in a group"  from a basic drop down to a multi selector dropdown (like the filter text boxes).

In our scenario, we have multiple locations. We have a Building 1 Team which we built a custom view for so that they see all unresolved tickets at that Building. However, we have some other teams that would like to be able to see this view too instead of having to manually filter each time.

To facilitate this, we would have to create this custom view twice right now and share the first one with Building 1 Team and the other with Building 1 Escalation Team. Literally double the work any time we want to modify the view or create new ones for new locations.

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Hi Matt, 

Indeed that would be a great feature !

I would also add another one, close to your request : For some specific cases agents would need to view a ticket, it could be nice to add a role :"Viewer". 

For instance : 

This agent can manage the tickets of the group 1, and can view the tickets of the group 2. 


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