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Supervisor Rules to Include Business Hours Only

We have a few supervisor rules that do not work the way we wish they would. All we are looking for is a check on the BHRS (business hours) vs. hours the requesters are not in the office.

ie. A resolved ticket should be able to sit for a full 2 business days (not calendar days) before it is closed.

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Yes please this would help us as well as currently a "pending user" ticket sits with the user for 3 days, but this includes the weekend and we don't want users to receive these unless they are in the office.

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I totally agree to this. It should be a standard feature. They already have business hours so they simply need to give this option when setting up a supervisor rule.

We can't be expected to manually go through each ticket and send canned responses.

Yes, it does not make sense for a user to receive notifications on weekends, if both the SLA and the business hours schedule go from Monday to Friday.

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Agree, I am really amazed that no one at FreshService have thought about that when introducing business hours...

Same here I have rules that send reminders and auto close tickets after 48 hours, but running into problems because tickets are getting closed on the weekend.

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This should be a standard feature

We would like this feature as well

Agreed, I have held off on sending email notifications about pending tickets to requesters for this fact alone. 

Yes, this is critical to proper business rules. It should have been designed into the product at the start. Why would weekends where people don't work be part of ticket times?

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Would also like to see this added in, very crucial for us to ensure that the weekend doesn't count against our tickets.

Any update on this?

Hey everyone,

We're taking this up as an enhancement. We expect this capability to be shipped by the end of this quarter. Attached  a screenshot for your reference. 

Thanks for being patient with this one!


Vishal Abraham

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